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Testimonials about "SHAM TRIPS"

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David Rotira

university: internship

29 June 2013

they are doing good trips with normal prices! 

i can give 8/10

keep going!



Paris, France


university: EAE

28 June 2013

I traveled with "Barcelona Trips" alot of times, i visited with them Madrid, Girona, Valencia...

everything was organized very well without any problem !!


I totally recommend all Erasmus students to go with them.




university: UPC

22 Nov. 2013

​I spent around 6 months in Barcelona, and i totally recommend to try the activities and the trips with Hemo, it was an amazing experience.

sabrina meindl

university: UB

19 June 2013

All the trips what i have made have been well organiste and have been very funny and i know now many new persons and places.


university: IQS Universitat

6 June 2013

Hemo planned the best birthday I've ever had! I was so happy to spend it in Barcelona. He always made sure that my friends and I got in where we needed to and we had all of the information about the clubs and bars. I loved the trip to Sitges for Carnival too.


university: UIC

20 Jan. 2013

Buena organizacion, muy divertiente, ayuda a conocer otros chicos erasmus y tambien visitar muchos sitios sin pagar muchoo!!

Monica Vargas

university: UAB

15 Jan. 2013

Great time!!
I really like to travel with Hemo!! Excellent customer service, Hemo is great, nice and professional!! He is always able to help!
and the agenda, plans and logistics for the trips are always great!!
Great experience!!

carmen mendizabal

university: UAB

13 Jan. 2013

Gracias a Hemo he tenido muchas cosas en Barcelona....he conocido muy buenos amigos...y sí se trataba de diversión....


Hemo era la solución ;) entradas para buenos clubs y lo más importante...descuentos!!!

Hemo ha sido una gran oportunidad para conocer Barcelona....


sí vas a venir a Barcelona....te recomiendo te pongas en contacto con Hemo :)


university: Universitat de Barcelona

11 Jan. 2013

The ERASMUS-experience wouldn't have been half as good without the great events organised by Hemo.
It started with the first meetings, that have been very usefull to get in contact with other people and to make friends in this amazing city. Next came the trips, that have been all very well organised, not only the ones I participated myself but also the other trips my friends went on. I enjoyed most the language tandem in Taberna de Espit every thursday. It was great to communicate and to talk to all those different people and very quick you had your special ʺthursday nights groupʺ to have fun with. Because of the different timetables everyone has, I've saw some only for the tandems...

Thank you Hemo, for all the organisation and help you provided! It made my stay and the life here a lot more fun and easier as I originally thought it will be ;)

All the best,
Daniela (Germany)

Julie Leterme

university: UB

11 Jan. 2013

Thank you for making my erasmus experience in Barcelona an awesome part of my life!


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