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Testimonials about "SHAM TRIPS"

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university: INSA

18 May 2014

Very good trips! Excellent organization! Highly recommend! Thanks to our guide Hemo!


university: UB

18 May 2014

Zaragoza, Valencia/Tarragona, Sitges.....

The best organized trip, the best people, as always!


university: none

11 May 2014

Boat Party


It was a lot of fun and everything was fine, just a mess that the weather could have been better. But well, doesn´t matter.
I enjoyed the trip!

Laetitia Lavenier

university: none

6 May 2014

Madrid Trip, May 2014:


Great trip !
Too hot in the bus on the way to Madrid.
Good hostel, great program.
Careful as not to change the program at the last minute ...

Lydia Stevenson

university: UPC

5 May 2014

Madrid Trip, May 2014:


Really well organised trip. Everything ran smoothly and really good price too. Thanks!


university: Universidad de Barcelona

5 May 2014

Valencia, Madrid


I liked the trip. You need more time to really experience Madrid well, but for this short period was well organized.
I liked everything was punctual so we didin't loose time on waiting. :)



university: Universitat de Barcelona

28 April 2014

Niza, Mónaco Cannes


Disfrute mucho. Los tiempos se cumplieron y se aprovechó al máximo para ver las ciudades. Sería interesante que se comentará un poco de la ciudad antes de bajarse y conocer. Un poco más guiado.


university: UAB

28 April 2014



Me gustó mucho. Todo puntual y bien organizado.

Saskia Gibis

university: Au pair, I'm not studying

21 April 2014

Andalucia Trip, Fallas de Valencia


El viaje de Andalucia me ha gustado mucho :) todo bien organizado Solo dos cosas que no me gustaban tanto.
La primera es que habia un disastre para llegar al hostal en Sevilla para culpa de los proecciones... Eso no estaba bien organizado
Y tampoco me Han gustado los Guide Tours porque yo prefiero hacerlo sola.



university: UB

17 April 2014

andalucia trip, April 2014:


Really nice organization !
Everything went well, they did their very best to make us feel at ease and comfortable. I would really recommend it!
Only the holy week in Sevilla made it difficult to reach the hostel and/or maybe the first hostel in Granada could be improved but of course with such a big group and being central both is difficult to find nice things. Also maybe a littlebit more time in Malaga would be nice, 4 hours was very short :) but further then that it was great ! so thank you !
Really thumbs up, I liked it very much and would go to madrid i I didn't book my trip to ibiza yet.. If madrid changes it's date, let me know :p!

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