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Testimonials about "SHAM TRIPS"

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Marcelle Vidal

university: intership

20 Dec. 2013

Andalucia trip 2013: 

AWESOME trip!!!!! So much fun, everyone was very nice!!!

Gracias por todo!!!!!!!!

Luis Alberto

university: EAE

20 Dec. 2013

Andalucia trip 2013: 

totally recommended!! great organization Hemo,

thanks for all!

Fehmi Gültekin

university: DPOINT GROUP

19 Dec. 2013

They are doing the trips so normal you cant expect to much but you can find travel sensation

julian Hafner

university: ESADE

9 Dec. 2013

I really have to say that HEMO, his brother and the rest of the team are really good organizers. I can imagine that its not so easy to organize trips like this with 100 people and more. But i have been now to 2 trips without even a small complication.


The payment is easy, everything is clear before the trip for everyone, there is a clear structure, a reasonable amount of freetime and good locations of course.


Congratulations HEMO i will recommend you everywhere to support your business.

Mafer Ponce

university: UB

3 Dec. 2013

Always all very well, fully understanding and flexible with the views of his clients, always giving a great deal and the best disposition.


university: UAB

2 Dec. 2013

Me lo he pasado super bien en todos los viajes!!!!



university: UB

1 Dec. 2013

Barcelona trips is the number one in Barcelona without any doubt.


Trip to Andalucia was amazing with more than 100 persons!



Alberto, italy

Vaida Klusaitytė

university: UAB

29 Nov. 2013

I enjoyed all the trips because all of them had a program, everything was according to the plan with a nice organisation.


Everybody got a printed version of a trip program with maps, recommendations, meeting points and so on.

People also have enough free time to explore cities by themselves, make photos or just relax :)


Since some of the trips last during the night, you don't have to worry where to go because you get free entrance+free drink in the club :)


I really loved and enjoyed all of the trips! :) And all of the trips are really cheap knowing that you get a private bus and everything is nicely organised.

You don't have to worry about anything! :)))


I don't have any negative comments at all :) Good luck! 

Bruno Robalo

university: Internship

29 Nov. 2013

Barcelona trips, by Hemo, is the PERFECT way to see some of the Spanish culture, cities and even ART! with friends or with students you still don't know, without spending a lot of money.



You'll have the chance to see more of Spain, meet new friends or just escape the city for a day (or more).


Finally at the destination, you'll have the choice to go with the group, or just spent the day with your friends.and low prices make it very attractive.



After the trip, you probably won't have enough energy to party the following day/night ;)


university: UAB

30 June 2013

I joined alot of trips during my life, in my country and out, but i have never joined big trips like what Hemo do!!!


I joined Hemo with las fallas trip to Valencia, he had 15 buses, around 900 persons !!It was incredible trip !! and everything was organized more than perfect, everything on time, full program, bars, club... it was an awesome trip !!


Hemo, thanks for everything & wish you all the best !!




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