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"SHAM TRIPS" is an licensed travel agency in Spain, located in Barcelona, with more than 5 years of experience in arranging trips for Arabs who come to visit Spain, making their holiday an unforgotten days, achieving their goals, needs, and the propose of their visit.


After many years of experience, we formed a professional team, all from Arabic countries Syria, Libanon, Palestine, starting from the need of Arabic visitors for someone who can help them, understand them, coming from Arabic culture.


So if you really want to  enjoy your vacation in Spain, and have a very nice experience in Barcelona, please check our tours and activities, and don’t hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to answer you and aclarify all your douts, and organize you a personal tour depending in your needs.

walking tours

a tour with a car to see all the important points of Barcelona, with a panoramic view 




a flight with a helicopter over all the city of Barcelona, with a fantastic view


ski in Andorra

we will spend a full day in the mountains of Andorra




tour of shopping where you can find all the international brands



a romantic flight with a balloon over the most important mountains in Catalunya, 




formula 1

a tour in the circuit of formula 1 of Catalunya


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